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Full Version: Kidou Senshi Gundam UC [BLJS10154]
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The gameplay itself works fine but the emulator randomly crashes in menus.

No longer crashes on menus, loading DLC contents requires interpreter (fast) PPU otherwise the emulator'll crash shortly after boot with the following error

RPCS 0.0.6-8147-8009e536 Alpha: 
DLC is installed. 
Game gets stuck on Custom Cast Scenario 4. 
When you finish Custom Cast Scenario 4-1, and try to start 4-2, the game freezes on the loading screen.
DLC is installed.
Game is now fully playable as of version 0.0.6-8194 1dedeb37 Alpha.

[Image: Custom-Cast-Scenario-4.png]
The now playable Custom Cast Scenario 4 that was previously locked behind a frozen loading screen.

[Image: Custom-Cast-Scenario-6.png]

The finished Custom Cast Scenario 6 that is only unlocked by finishing all the previous Custom Cast Scenarios.

[Image: Final-Mission-Unicorn-Mode.png]
Final Mission of Unicorn Mode.

Many thanks to the RPCS3 team for their hard work.
rpcs3 v0.0.14-11528

The "speed lines" are broken as seen here, followed with extremely heavy flickering when locking on any object (enemy or supply crate). Then the game would freeze sometimes after.

Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz
RTX 3070 8GB

Tried cleaning shader cache, messing with various frame limit/vsync/force high precision z buffer settings but it barely shows any difference.

Nvidia graphics card driver version is 460.89.