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Full Version: Viewing files on a PS3 disk. (Not what you think!)
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So okay. This may sound WIERD but I thought I'd ask the experts here.

Is there a way for me to stick say, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 into my pc and read files on there? Not play it. I'm looking for some specific graphics/files for a knitting project and unfortunately, they're hard to find online. Since what I got is the PS3 copies, I thought this would be the place to ask..
You must dump the game following the instructions on the Quickstart Guide. You can't directly browse the disc because it's encrypted.
I'll see if I got the right equipment and try it. Might be sorta out of luck but I can try, I guess?
Don't quite understand. If you put your PS3 disc in your PC and the contents show up it means your drive can read PS3 discs, otherwise it can't.
I have older gear; I tried with the USB Blue Ray drive I have, no go. (Not worried about emulating atm, but I have a working ps3. Not planning on jailbreaking tho!)

Well, SOL for now, tho I'll see if I can build later with a comparable drive, since I do plan on rebuilding this puppy in a few years.