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Full Version: Katamari Forever (BLU30336)
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Only European version is listed on the compatibility. This is for the US copy.

US copy is just as playable as the Europe version it seems.

Intel 6700k @ Stock (4.2Ghz on all cores turbo)
Team Vulcan 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 @ 3000Mhz
Zotac GTX 1080 Mini (+200/+200)
399.24 GPU drivers
Windows 10 1709 deferred
RPSC3 Version: 0.0.5-7576

FPS doesn't drop from 30FPS. Cutscenes have a choppy feel to it. Audio pops are frequent. Main hub feels choppy although FPS doesn't drop from 30.

All that was changed from settings were OpenGL -> Vulkan and Audio volume lowered to 50%. Everything else is default.

Missing log file and RPCS3 version identifier, please read the guidelines https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-196671.html