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Full Version: Rocksmith 2014 [BLUS31182]
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[Image: 8820890fab61af88ef8d19a75fe538b6.jpg]
Log file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lzw27zz70t...3.log/file

RPCS3 version 0.0.5-7433-d8424a1f Alpha

Game loads great, I can go one step further (guitar calibration), but obviously useless without the cable support. I do have the cable, but as expected was not picked up by RPCS3.

The sound is horrible, but the FPS is pretty stable at 60.
works great with rpcs3-v0.0.9-9809-5b0476e7 under debian as the sound is fixed now.
version 1.11 also works in disconnected mode without the usb cable.
have to retest the cable as last time with sound broken the tuning also didn't work.
Needs log file.
Now i had some more fun with the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable and v0.0.9-9890-47bbfdd2.
Unfortunatly the sound of the guitar is so heavly distorted that it's enough to finish
the calibration and play some rounds of Gone Wailin', but you can't go through the tuning before playing a song.
A record from the guitar through Audacity is clean like expected, see the recording attachment for a comparision.

I have wasted some time with SPU LLVM and the SPU cache as i always got stuck at the calibration screen,
without the SPU cache or with ASMJIT this problem was gone.
So Rocksmith could be moved to Ingame and this time i also attached the logfiles.