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Full Version: New user, directory question
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Actually have 2 questions, the latter is likely more niche and obscure - so i'll start with a simple one.

I'm ocd as can be.  Also take a lot of pride in my library and as such I keep things organized in a particular fashion.  Just wondering if a means exists to add a "roms" or "games" directory for RPCS3 to scan and thus add games to the games list without having to boot them all individually?

I tried mucking around with the virtual file system and pointing hdd0 to the folder where all my dumps are, but no such luck picking them up after a refresh.  The result was a mirror of/creating of hdd0 folders inside my dumps folder Tongue

Apart from that, I'm attempting to get individual games bootable ala steam using SRM.  If anyone is doing this, and familiar with using the latter software to do so, please post and i'll elaborate on my particular issue.  

Thanks gentlemen.
I got the SRM part functioning. So that part of my inquiry is moot. If anyone needs info regarding how just hollar.

As for assigning a directory for rpcs3 to scan and compile games, still unsure if this is possible? If not is it on the horizon potentially?