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Full Version: 2 question: How to update RPCS3 and which is the best graphic renderer/resolution?
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hi guys,

1) which is the right way in order to updsate RCPS3? Have I simply to overwrite the new rcps3.exe file ? Or have i to overwrite ALL the files of the new package in the folder where i have the previuous RCPS3 version?

2) is it better to use OpneGL or Vulkan?  I have a cpu i5 4690K overclocked to 4.2Ghz, a GTX970 and 8Gb RAM DDR3. With Windows 10 64bit.   And which is the best resolution? The recommender is 1280x720...why? Is it possible to play in 1920x1080?

Replace all files.

Vulkan. Always use 1280x720 as base resolution and then use Resolution Scale to up the resolution to whatever you want.
I tried 2 games: tekken tag tournament 2 and Contra Hard Corps Uprising (not a demanding game, i suppose) and King of Fighters XIII.

Both With OPENGL and Vulkan: the cpu is at 100% (96% for RCPS3). After the initial loadingpop up (PSU loading...), Tekken doesn't starts (black screen, after loading the proile and create the save state) adn Contra HArd corps starts with the animated opening, but it doesn't run correctly;so I push START but there is a black screen and the game doesn't starts...
King of fighters XII starts but there are problems during the opening and during the game the fps are at 180/200!!!

My current pc isn't bad, is it possibe that my overclocked cpu isn't enough????