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Full Version: Demon's Souls - Black/White Screen flashing (only HUD elements visible)
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Hi, after starting a new game or loading from save there's a black and white screen flashing (only HUD and interface elements are visible). After a while the flashing stops and the screen stays black. The flashing seems to happen more often if I move the character/camera. Amidst the white screen frames sometimes the game looks properly for a few frames.

I'm using the latest RPCS3 build, my drivers are up-to-date, "Write Color Buffers" is on, all other settings match default settings from RPCS3 wiki. I've attached the log file.

The problem doesn't appear if OpenGL renderer is used.

Maybe update your GPU drivers? never heard of this happening.
I "updated" the drivers to the same version, but for some reason it works now. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for not trying something this simple earlier.