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Full Version: Editing Game List Name & Icon...?!?!
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Hi there, is it possible to edit the game icon at the left side of the emulator?

My first attempt to dump my Mirror's Edge disc failed... leaving the "broken icon" image.

I was able to get it to work the 2nd time, but although the game is loaded and working fine, the icon shows it still being broken. Can I replace this image somewhere in the RPCS3 file structure??

I thought I used to be able to remove the games before, but that option is greyed out now on this latest release, right??

Also, is it possible to edit the Game Titles, as well??

Thank you!

So I think I located the right spot where the icon .png is being stored...

dev_hdd0 > game folder

The "ICON0" image dimensions are 320 x 176.

But when I create my own icon using those same dimensions.... loading up RPCS3 again still shows the broken icon.

I wonder if I need to edit other files stored somewhere else...?
Nobody knows how to do this?
UPDATE: Replacing the ICON0 image does now populate in the program. So that works!

You can also right-click on the game, from within RPCS3, select "Open Install Folder" and you'll find the ICON0 file in the "PS3_GAME" folder.

However, I still don't know how to change the Game Name..... anyone?
Game title is on PARAM.SFO