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Full Version: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 [NPUB30747]
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RPCS3 v0.0.5-7161-69af60749 Alpha | HEAD
Infinite loading.
[Image: Cx8bS5K.png]
We can finally say that all PGA Tour titles for this console are now Ingame or better: Recent stability fixes over the past few builds have allowed for Kravicka's PARAM.SFO Deletion Method to work on PGA Tour '13, allowing for us to get into the action proper (albeit at the obvious cost of not being able to use the DLC until the issues with PARAM.SFO hindering Trophy Registration and causing Loading Hangs across this and many other titles can wholly be tended to; for the Digital version, the PARAM.SFO file found in "home/game/BLUS30854" must not be present); virtually all of the same graphical issues that happen in PGA Tour '14 happen here as well (Blur Effect during cutscenes on a course when Write Colour Buffers is disabled, as well as occasional Texture Distortion, Flickering Models and Scattered Polygons on certain holes, and unintentional Palette Shifts on Custom Characters), and just as how it's done in both '12 and '14, the PPU Decoder must be set to Interpreter (Static) to guarantee the ability to do any round with Two Holes or more without running the risk of getting either an Unmapped Memory or Illegal Instruction error.
I'll let the Data Logue from Build 14135 ("0.0.24-14135-60fc90bb Alpha (Master)") via my Ryzen 5950X/Radeon VII combo and test footage address the rest; I understand why this entry is the Black Sheep of the series, my run of Bethpage Black (fortunately with 50000 Imported Experience Points on all of my Custom Characters) showed me the many things that Electronic Arts was trying to go for but were so poorly executed that the play experience was unpleasant from a Controller Input and Physics standpoint, these issues would be remedied heavily in '14 and truly shows how much a year of optimizations can make for a game.

~ Tiger Woods PGA Tour '13: RPCS3 Data Logues for Build 14135 (Mediafire)
~ Tiger Woods PGA Tour '13: Bethpage 016 to 018 Sampler (Twitter)

It has been a pleasant journey over the past (almost) Ten Months getting to see '12 to '14 all become more capable of running stable, the latter two entries may have troubles with running their DLC for now under current circumstances but I am certain that'll be improved upon in due time; I am really happy with the progress that has been made up to now, truly a major effort from all of us that I can commend. (: