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Full Version: RPCS3 doesn't work!
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Hello everyone!
I've recently installed the emulator, firmware updates and dumped a copy of Sonic Unleashed for it to play.
I installed the .pkg file, but whenever I try to boot up the game, the log says "Boot succesful" but a window doesn't open.
Booting the .elf file doesn't work either. This is a major problem, because I own a PS3 and a disc of Sonic Unleashed, and it works properly.
Help? Huh
You need to actually start the game after you boot it.

Either way, it doesn't work on master builds yet, only in a WIP build.

Also.. how did you dump a disc and it ended up a package? If you're asking for support with pirated copies you may end up banned.
Rather ask "Has anyone made Sonic Unleashed Runnable?" and if someone responds "Yes" you ask him if you can talk to him privately via IM.