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Full Version: Kingdom Hearts KH 2.5 Remix (BBS) - Missing graphics during gameplay
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Greetings. I've posted a similar thread yesterday, regarding an error with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (Birth By Sleep). I've solved that problem thanks to the official thread, but I'm having troubles dealing with a graphic problem regarding commands and HP Overlay. This time I won't miss the log, which is attached to the curren thread.
I'll try to be as precise as possible. The game works just fine, I've been using Vulkan without problems (after I removed the movie part of BBS). However, I noticed that whenever I start a fight, the commands and HP overlay is not loaded, and appears as soon as I hit a target. Then it disappear again after some time or after a finisher attack. This translate to an impossibility to see any message (like missions to do or pause message) and dialogue during the fight. Here are some screenshot which will help understanding the problem:

[Image: fkv7EN1.jpg][Image: dlbkB5l.jpg]

It seems like that this problem affects just my istance, since I could not find anyone encountering my same problem. Here is a list of what I tried:

- Switching to OpenGL. This brought to other errors, which made me unable to even load the game, causing black screens and others. I switched to Vulkan Again.
- Changed CPU Setting according with Official Thread. Recompilers are activated, Auto option on libraries and SPU on 1. Nothing changed.
- Disabled VSync. No luck.
- Turned Write Color Buffers, GPU texture Scaling and Vertex Cache options on. Vertex Cache option gave me some problems with loading the game.


Don't know what else should I do in order to solve the problem. I hope you can help me.