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Full Version: amdvlk64.dll causes fatal error
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Hi all, having trouble with rpsc3 and my radeon gpu. Specs are i5-5200u dual, amd r5 m330, 8gb ram. 

I can get games to play with openGL onboard, etc, but they are, of course, very stuttery. 

When I try to configure and switch over to Vulkan, the emulator crashes half way through the boot / compiler. 

I've attached the kill screen. LMK if you need the log. I'll go in there and figure out how to get it. 

Missing log file

Update to latest drivers and rpcs3 version before retrying
TY. build and drivers are current. Apologies for not mentioning before. Will return with Log ASAP.


I think I got. Even though I'd set emulator config to look for my GPU, I still had to go into my GPU control tray and manually set the emu as one of the installed applications. Is running fine now with Vulkan. But no real improvent in FPS over OpenGL. I guess my GPU just isn't as good as I thought it was. Will fiddle online with some patches, I suppose.
Thank you!