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Full Version: PS1 Games How to ??
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I've seen that you can now play PS1 games on the emulator.

Can this also be done with original CDs or what do I have to do?

Do you have to set anything else? Who can give me information and help?

Thank you
You need to dump the PS1 classics as acquired from PSN.
(06-25-2018, 12:46 AM)Ani Wrote: [ -> ]You need to dump the PS1 classics as acquired from PSN.

I have so much PS1 Games ( Original on Disc ) is there an Converter to make from Disc to PKG .

Double Pay no way . Crash Bandicot and much more i have !

I have no idea about converting PS1 discs to the format the classics are in.
I've tried a couple of PS1 classics which I have in PKG form.  They are recognised by RPCS3 but when I run them I just get a white screen with high CPU usage.  No framerate counter appears.  Waiting doesn't work either. 

I read elsewhere you need to set the lib to none, but I don't know quite what that means.  Does it mean the firmware settings?  I tried each of the four options and it made no difference.

(The emulator works otherwise and runs PS3 games successfully.)
You need to use latest version, then on firmware settings select manual loading mode and don't select any libraries.
I'm using version rpcs3-v0.0.5-7022-3d8223fc_win64 and already tried the above then, it isn't working - I just get a load of 'error decrypting data' log messages.
Then upload a compressed log file
It's okay I figured out the problem... now working. I needed to use TrueAncestor_EDAT_Rebuilder to fix the ISO.BIN.EDAT.