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Full Version: "File is null" although "shaderlog" is present
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Hello there,

first of all: Sorry for my english, i am not a native speaker ( actually, i´m german ... BOO! I know, but this is no reason for not helping me !! )

Following problem:

Almost all dumped games won´t run, as i get "file is null" errormessage. I think it has something to do with my "Vulkan" - Drivers, since "OpenGL" is working, but totally slow ...

Shaderlog is present with some files in it; even when i delete the content of the shaderlog it will not boot !!

I attached the .log-file.

Now, what can i do ?!
Log files aren't needed for anything in regards to playing games, why should it matter having shaderlog or not?

i don´t know exatly what you mean ...
Attached a .log-file means that i uploaded this on my first POST, not on the emulator !!

I made a clean install of Windows and my GTX960-card, but no luck ...
As you can see in the .log-file, it always tells me that the "file is null". I researched a little bit and found out that the "shaderlog"-folder should be added.
Well, the shaderlog is present, with some "fragment" ( or so ) - files in it !!

I even deleted the shader-cache, no luck.

What can i do ?
No idea, anyone ?

It wrecks my nerves. Reinstalling "Vulkan Runtime" several times; didn´t fix it ...
Installed "Vulkan SDK", still no luck ...

I even can not see "Vulkan Runtimes" in "Program and Features", but can see "Vulkan SDK", latest "GeForce"-driver installed !!

PLS help !!
Still no helping reply ?!

Yesterday i found out that the "Vulkan"-driver is no longer listed in the "Program and Features", and this is correct so ...
Perhaps you need an updated ".log"-file for helping me ?!

Let me know ...

As you can see in the ".log"-file of my first post, it´s about "Tekken Tag Tournament", that is listed as "ingame", but i will get a blank screen when booting ...

PLEASE HELP, i´ll get mad !!
I have no idea about why it's picking up a null file in rsx::thread, but several games regressed recently. I recommend trying on 0.0.5-6697.

Also, no one has obligation to help you, we do this on free time. Getting mad won't do you any good, on the contrary.
Dear Ani !!

I appreciate your fast replys ! Don´t take "getting mad" so seriously, it was not meant like that ...

So i tested your recommended version, and ... STILL gives me the rsx error.

Maybe it has something to do that i tested out the european-version of "Tekken Tag Tournament", who knows ...

Can you confirm that the american-version is running ?

THX for your answer in advance ...
I don't have that version to test.

It could be due to your emulator Path being enormous (L:/ROM´z ( GAMES ) FOR EMULATORS!/The ROM´z COMPLETE!/rPCs3 - Working SONY - PlayStation 3 - PS3-Emu_v.0.0.5.Neueste !/). Although this isn't a common issue, try placing RPCS3 folder on L:/RPCS3 and retry.

If it works, it means your path is way too big, you need to rename folders, use smaller names or use less folders.
Dear Sir,

YES !! That did the trick !! Copied all files and games to the root-directory of R: ...
And ... It works with the latest version of that emulator ( 17.06. ) !!!

Thanks to you, ani, for your patience ... !!

BTW: "Getting mad" was meant like "getting crazy", not "getting angry" !!

Again, Thanks,


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