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Full Version: Suggestion - "Recommended Settings" Button
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Trying to figure out the right settings for any particular game isn't easy, especially when a new build is released that makes games more compatible.  After looking at the "Check Compatibility" and "Download Compatibility Database" buttons, I got an idea.

What if there was a "Recommended Settings" button inside the config menu for each game?  It would look at the compatibility page and see which options work the best, then apply them in your config menu.  I don't know if this is possible, but it would be very handy to have.  Several of my games could've worked and I didn't know it because I had the incorrect settings.

I understand that game functionality is top priority, but user interface and accessibility is important, too.
We won't add a game database of settings. You can share specific setting information on the wiki though, and look for previous user input there.

The idea is that games work properly out of the box.