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Full Version: I have some questions about RPCS3
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Sorry if this is the wrong place(I was not sure if it has to be here or in Support)and rather than making multiple threads,I thought I should make one with all I want to ask.

I am not new to emulation but I am(kinda) to RPCS3

1.I don't often update but is there any point in clearing the LLVM or/and the Shader cache when updating to some newer version(you could say I update 2 or 3 times a year and I mostly folllow the progress and check how well my games are woking)

2.Strict rendering mode - is that a hack or by enabling it,I will increase the accuracy of the emulation.I am not sure if that's true(if that the reason)but I get a lot less problems if it is enabled compared to disabled and not changing both options that get enabled)

3.The FPS Limit...I don't know if this is a bug or something is limiting the speed but in off state,the games will still run in the correct speed or 60fps max and also in Vulkan mode,it will never go above 60 but in OGL,it can go way above 60fps(vsync is not enabled)
The "Off" option seems to do something different here than in any other emulator I used

4.Is there is any difference(compatibility)between using certain resolution and scaling...for examle if the game support 1080p,is there is any difference between Default Resolution set to 1280x720 with 150% scalling or Default Resolution set to 1920x1080(again I am not talking about graphical quality)

5.Is that normal...I get a lot more audio struttering if I leave the cpu "Minimum Processor State" to default and no stuterring at all if I set it to 98%(the speed I set in Framelimit also seems to affect the audio stutering even tho I can easily reach 60fps on some games(98% cpu + 30fps framelimit = no stuterring at all)

6.Prefered SPU Threads...I am not sure I understand this,what does Auto do

7.If I am not using scaling,does the option "Use GPU Texture Scaling" do anything,do I need to disable it to increase the compatibility
Basically I want to enable/disable all options that increase the accuracy(less crashes...graphical bugs here and there don't bother me)but still get nice fps(I don't play heavy hardware demanding games and I don't care about HD graphics)
Ar Nosurge,Ar Tonelico 3,Atelier Shallie

6700HQ,GTX1060,16GB Ram,Win10
1. When caches are updated, version is bumped to force a recache
2. It's a higher accuracy mode, but it comes at a performance price
3. Some games limit themselves already, if they do, don't use the emulator's limiter, otherwise you're adding useless overhead.
4. As long as you set a base resolution that the game supports (recommended 720p as it's supported by every game), it should support any scaling, except for any eventual bug that causes a black screen or something alike. Of course, scaling can break graphics in some scenarios, as the games are meant to be ran at their supported resolutions.
5. I didn't understand, is that Minimum Processor State some Windows setting?
6. Number of hardware threads dedicated to heavy simultaneous SPU tasks. Auto is default.
7. GPU Texture Scaling uses the GPU for some operations like blitting. It may cause graphical bugs in some scenarios, but overall it's fine. Disabling it decreases performance.
Thanks for the reply

1.But what happens to the old files,are they deleted/overwrited?
3.The speed in rpcs3 looks more like changing the internal fps of the game not actually making the game to run faster or slower but there is something else.

In any game I tried,the videos plays much better at 30fps but off/auto runs them at 60fps(AT3 intro when I check the file,it says that it is 30fps(29.970))
For example on Ar Tonelico 3 intro with Off,the intro plays much worse than any other mode( Auto is acting almost the same)...the speed keeps dropping all the way below 10 and it randomly freezes for a second(the audio is still running at full speed while the video freezes)

5.It's a windows settings that forces the cpu to run at at least certain Ghz(what I set).If it's set to default,when there is nothing heavy to do,the cpu speed goes to 800Mhz but when something that requires little more power,the cpu speed goes up to meet the requirements but rpcs3 is already trying to load for example some song or audio effect and that results in audio stuttering.
In BIOS,the option is Intel SpeedStep that allows the cpu to change the cpu speed depending on the load

For example on Ar Nosurge in the tittle screen(Press the START button)when you press X/Start,there is an audio effects that don't play at full spped(audio stuttering)and I see that the cpu goes from 900Mhz to 1.6Ghz and then back to 900Mhz(this happens every single time X=>audio stutter=>Cross=>X=>audio stutter)but if I set the cpu sppeed to for example 50%(which is 1.4ghz),the audio stuttering(at least here)it's completly gone.
The intro also play perfectly(not a single audio stuttering at 98%)and like every 5 seconds audio stuttering at default speed which is 800Mhz