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Full Version: Can't update game title?
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Hello! I have a small problem, i want to update my Sleeping Dogs Game from 1.0.0 to 1.0.3.

I have all the .pkg files ready and tried to install them, but everytime i install them, the version stays the same in the RPCS3 overview.

So what i'm doing wrong?

It's named with the right region: "UP0082-BLUS30927_00-SDPATCH000000001-A0103-V0100-PE"

Thanks so far!
You can update games, the updates are installed as game data as on a real PS3 because discs are read-only.
The update shows as game data, so you need to enable the Game Data category on GUI views.
The disc will always show as v1.00 because you can't overwrite read-only discs, but when an update is found on HDD it loads the update when booting the game.