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Full Version: Fighting Climax Ignition (BLJM61322) White Menu + No Sprites
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i was trying out Fighting Climax Ignition with a few Builds of Rpcs3 (also Builds wich were suposed to run this game) and everytime i get glitches and errors... Sometimes it freezes right after the title screen. But i always have the Problem, that then TitleMenu is completley White (No Texttures?) and wenn i get into a battle there are no character sprites (in the characterselectmenue they are there). The sprites are not just invisible cause when i press buttons nothing happens... but the musik is playing and the timecounter runs down, i even can press start and get back to the titlemenu...
Anyone knows what that can be?

My Specs:
CPU: i74700MQ 2,4Ghz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 755M