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Full Version: Why Castlevania 2 works so damn good!?
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Seriously! Why? I tried game when it had controls problem, and forgot on it until yesterday. And then... OMG! It works flawlessly! Full 30 fps without any lagging of any kind with 200 % scale resolution in HD, and all that on poors man i5 2400 + 1050ti, slowest i5 out there! But wait.. There's more! Only 50 % cpu usage! Even on 4k there s no any noticable slows or anything! Drakengard 3 plays like crap, strugling with 15fps in battles with 3-4 enemies, while C2 dont even feel those number of enemies! Smooth as silk, almost do as pc version when it would be fixed on 30 fps, and 2 classes better graphics than DG3! Why is that! I cant understand! Is it cos game architecture suits to rpcs3? Is it cos neko teki is fan of castlevania??? Smile WHY!