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Full Version: Constant freezing in games with unreal engine
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Ill go nuts! So far, any unreal engine game I tried works like this: 3 seconds works normal, then 4-5 seconds freezes. fps counter freezes too, not compiling anything, no hard swapping, no sound!
Azuras wraith, Condemned 2, Drakengard 3, all acts practically same, except condemned witch got me some bad memory leak, but its whole another story....
Now, I have i5 2400, practically slowest i5 out there, but I think its not problem. Dantes inferno works 20-30 fps with normal stutering, but its not freezing, and on any youtube video video I saw so far, none had similar problem as me, witch makes me thing that it problem with my system maybe. I updated drivers, no antiviruses or anything in background to mess with emulator!
Any ideas? Any help will be much appreciated! Smile