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Full Version: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix BlackScreen
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If got the problem, that I play through the game, went through the credits but after the last fmv schould pop up the end statistic but it doesnt pop up it goes black and freezes fps...

Here are my Settings:

PPu Decoder: LLVM Recompiler (fastest)
Firmware Settings: Automatically load required libaries
SPU Decoder: ASMJIT Recompiler (fastest)

Renderer: Vulkan
Res: Default 1280x720
Res Scale: 200% (2560x1440)
Res Threshold: 128x128
Aspect Ratio: Auto
Framelimit: Auto
Anisotropic Filter: Automatic

Additional Settings
only enabled. Disable Vertex Cache

other stuff is all Default

I attached the Log file hope someone can help..

Pc Specs
Geforce gtx 1060
I7 6700k 4ghz
16gb Ram
Windows 7 64bit (Also try on Win10 but same issue)
same issue here. it still results as "playable", but i have your same issues