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Full Version: Which of the CPU upgrade options to choose
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alright i have an i7-920(oc) and am getting 50fps in games and no other problems.

now to get to 60fps should i

-overclock by 1000 Hz
-upgrade to a 6core/12theard cpu

Both is viable to me, but which would gain more fps. I'm asking because most apps have one single main thread and i'm wondering if i'm not bottlenecked by Nehalem IPC. But this app looks like the real multithreading deal, so i thought i'd ask whether fps scales with threads. Say were i to get a 32core cpu..
Upgrade to a 8700K and the performance difference will be huge.
Nehalem lacks AVX2 and TSX instruction sets, has worse IPC, worse clock speeds, less cores and threads.
I apologize. I realize now my comment can be interpreted differently. i meant upgrading to a 6 core nehalem vs overclocking a 4 core nehalem. and whether 4 extra threads will boost fps just as well as extra clocks.