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Full Version: Question about RPCS3 graphics scaling
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In the blog post where the new high resolution feature was announced, it was explained that the base resolution should normally be set to 1280x720 and the desired high resolution output be set by the resolution scale parameter. However, I've noticed that when I use 1280x720 as base resolution while using the Vulkan backend, the text in the HUD and in-game looks rather fuzzy and pixelated regardless of the resolution scaling. Also, the 3D graphics look very aliased. However, when I set my base resolution to 1920x1080, the text looks sharp and 3D models much less aliased. It is as though the rendering is not actually being done at the desired resolution but rather the video output is being up-scaled. I'm using Soulcalibur II as reference for these tests.

If I used OpenGL, which significantly hurts performance in my PC, 720 base resolution causes aliased models but sharp text with 3x scaling or more, but 1080 base resolution fixes both.

Is this expected, or could it be my AMD R9 280 card not playing nice?

Condition: 720p Base 3X
Vulkan: Fuzzy HUD, aliased 3D models
OpenGL: OK HUD, aliased 3D models
Condition: 1080p Base 3X
Vulkan: OK HUD, OK 3D models
OpenGL: OK HUD, OK 3D models
Then you need to try with 720p and a bigger resolution scale to match the one you're doing on 1080p, as you're scaling them differently

Try other games as well, SC II may be a bad test scenario
Thanks for the tip but I don't think that is the reason because because 480p Wii games look very sharp when scaled to just 3x. A PS3 game at 720p scaled to even 2x has 50% more pixels than a Wii game at 480p so it should not look so aliased at 720p. At any rate, I did try you suggestion and scaled the game to 5x and the result was exactly the same. I suspect that RPCS3 is failing to scale the game in my PC for some reason, so only forcing the games to run at 1080p makes them and the native HUD look good.

I'm at a loss as to what could be causing this since both dolphin and Cemu do the scaling appropriately on the same computer. I'll keep hacking away at it.
Wii != PS3
The architectures are completely different

Some games do post processing forcing the resolution to be the default one regardless of how much you scale
Thanks for the guidance. I did notice that the tooltips in the GPU config window indicate that when selecting a base resolution different from 720p, the scaling factor gets ignored. I'll hang tight for now and keep using 1080p for the very few games I am able to run and will revisit the issue when I upgrade my system as this problem may end up taking care of itself.

Best regards.