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Full Version: Suggestion: Minor adjustments on website for 4K displays
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Your wonderful front page and general style across the website is very impressive. However, a few simple little tweaks could make it work better on 4K displays.
In particular:
1 - The RPCS3 logo in the top left of the forum is a bitmap which does not scale nicely when viewed at 200% on high density displays. (see image http://puu.sh/A1Ffz.png ) I recommend a vector version of this.
2 - The frontpage of the RPCS3 website scales down nicely, but not up! In 4K viewed at 100%, it stops scaling completely and you're left with gigantic areas of blank space, while the content is small. (see image http://puu.sh/A1Fig.png )

I expect you all to drop everything you're holding and fix these clearly important issues right this second! :)