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Full Version: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo [NPEA90101]
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RPCS3 v0.0.5-6569-44cddda4b Alpha | HEAD
Both recompilers



Should be playable as other reports from other game id suggests
No, this is a demo. It needs a proper test.
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7229-f3d3a1a4a Alpha | HEAD
Intel® Core™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz | 8 Threads | 15.94 GiB RAM | AVX+

Playable. I finished the entire demo. Locked 60FPS throughout.

Used both LLVM Recompilers. Had to use OpenGL as the game froze with Vulkan right before going ingame.

The game did not crash anywhere during gameplay. However, after I completed the demo and returned to the main menu, I tried to start a new game again which caused the game to freeze and crash the emulator. Still doesn't affect the fact that you can finish the entire demo without any issues.