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Full Version: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy [NPEA00338]
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Using rpcs3-v0.0.5-6546-92fb828d_win64.

Tested with both OpenGL and Vulkan, Vulkan seems to run slightly better. 
The game runs 15-30 FPS when using PPU: Interpreter (Fast), however when using Recompiler (LLVM) the game crashes with.

F {PPU[0x100000e] Thread (GOAL) [0x000d50c0]} class std::runtime_error thrown: Unregistered PPU function

Below I have included a screenshot of the game running, as well as logs for both PPU Interpreter (Fast) and Recompiler (LLVM).
I found the game's framerate as unplayable as the user above me did, albeit a bit better, 25-30FPS on my Ryzen 2600 and GTX 1060. I thought I'd share my experience since it's been two years since the other user's comment.