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Full Version: Gundam Breaker [BLJS10197]
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rpcs3 v0.0.5-6491 (f96e9b6) Alpha [2018-03-01]

Goes in-game with some graphical issues: textureless/black player MS (requires Write Color Buffers enabled to fix at a cost of major FPS drop especially at MS hangar screen), corrupted shadow. Hangs after a while with verification failed error.
It's BLJS10197 not BLJS-10197
I updated the thread
pls give me link download this game tks
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7498-f4fb5200 Alpha

Resolution Scale Threshold 1x1
Write color buffers

No longer randomly crashes with verification error but the GUI gets corrupted briefly when there's too much happening on screen, which may lead to soft freeze (background music still plays)


No longer having verification failed error anymore but HUD/texture still flickers when there's a lot of action on screen at least with Vulkan. Unlike GB2 post-launch maps/parts works here since they don't require you to login to PSN before you play.