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Full Version: [Solved]Screen Tearing Nvidia GPU
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I'm getting screen tear in full screen no matter what I do, I'll try to be as in depth as possible.

First off my specs:

Windows 10
GTX 1070
i5 4690
16 gb ddr3

I've tried using all renders(with vsync on and off).

Using vsync option automatically gives me screen tearing 100% of the time(Which is odd because vsync prevents screen tearing).

If I don't use vsync sometimes my game has no screen tear. If the game is locked at 30 fps I always get screen tear, but if I use a 60fps hack(On Project Diva for example) I get less screen tear(still happens every couple of minutes and once it does it once, it doesn't stop.

Going in and out of full screen fixes the issues momentarily, then it comes back. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or if this is a common issue with Nvidia GPUs or the emulator in general. Also my monitor is 60hz if that changes anything.

Here are my logs as well:

EDIT: Forced Vsync and Triple Buffering with Nvidia Control Panel, fixed.
In your computer has any software manage cpu power profiles ?
Perhaps has some software that after of few seconds change the power profile.