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Full Version: Adidas miCoach [BLES01529]
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Tested on RPCS3 v0.0.4-6309-c951601fa

Intro at this time!!

Here are the reason!

First if u don't turn on PS Eye Camera on Settings the games will say this error:


[Image: JsnQ3ck.png]

Second if u turn on PS Eye Camera on Settings, the game will running and say this error:


[Image: QqfPKj9.png]

So RPCS3 at this time still don't have to work the PS Move Controller! And i can show that error!

How to turn on PS Eye Camera:

1/ Set PS Eye on Camera Input

2/ Set Fake on Camera Settings

[Image: YNWHzbV.png]

Log (2 log file for 2 error):

1/ Without PS Eye: [attachment=4188]

2/ Have PS Eye fake: [attachment=4189]