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Full Version: PS2 on RPCS3?
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the first versions of ps3 had backward compatibility with ps2, in current models it is necessary to use home-brews to run ps2 games on ps3
then would it be possible to run ps2 games on RPCS3?
Yes, there's a PS2 emulator on PS3's firmware.

Not going to start working anytime soon though.
how is the situation now? can I run games from ps2? when to wait?
Still doesn't work. Even if it did, you'd still want to use PCSX2 either way as it's going to be a much superior experience in every way.
Looking around for realistic information on Playing PS2 Games on RPCS3. For the sole purpose of seeing the game crash immediately after booting or surprising everyone with just how well it actually works/will work. Comparing such a feature to PCSX2 is also just really unfair.

So for PS2 emulation the only reason(s) I've been able to get out of anybody why it doesn't work is
1. RPCS3 does not (Officially) support .iso formatted games.
This apparently includes decrypted, encrypted, extracted, not extracted, or whatever other types of .iso there can possibly be.
2. RPCS3 does not have multiprocessing yet.
This means that even if the emulator could run .iso that only PS3 games could be considered bootable as RPCS3 can not run ps2netemu.self simultaneously as it runs the PS2 Game.
3. BDVD is not properly implemented. Meaning that the BDVD's current implementation can not read PS2 games or DVD movies at all. But PS3 games and Blu-ray movies are fine. I haven't confirmed anything about the movies. Bdvd supporting the ps2 files seems important because in every log that I've seen any game is mounted to that vfs before and during the boot process of RPCS3 when launching a game.

Are there any truths to any of these reasons and any valuable additions to this information.
Please think about every obstacle as achievable and only mention the obstacles in the path towards the goal. Pretend RPCS3 is the only emulator that exists or that it is it's own planet and hasn't even heard of any other emulators.
Multiprocessing, and lack of TODO OS functionality, are the only relevant reasons, the other two don't matter at all