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Full Version: (suggestion) speedhack feature to increase game fps ..
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rpcs3 has reached version 0.0.4 and its development is very fast from first release until now. many features and engines are constantly enhanced for a better playing experience. although now there are still many bugs and errors that must be overcome the developers. but we the users still support you developers to solve the problem. I hope in 2018 this year. can solve all these problems

I will get to the point this post. I want to suggest a feature that is speedhack. this feature ever exist in pcsx2 and the feature can overcome lag / low fps in PC medium. I hope this feature is in rpcs3. but the feature is not possible in this year. because rpcs3 still can not run all games ps3. so if the feature is applied. I afraid rpcs3 crash because it forced rpcs3 engine to work harder. 

so....... how do you think about the feature?
I'm pretty sure they'd already considered the idea of speeding things up. o_O
Forget specific game hacks, not happening.

In general, just keep the hacks away please.
PCSX2 is certainly NOT a good example of what an emulator should be, it's actually the opposite, design-wise.

I think it would be OK if someone decides to make a fork of RPCS3 with speed hacks, but that should stay away from the main project.
Nah, hack fork would just have people plaguing the main channels with requesting help with those to a point where we would have to start banning people