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Full Version: Compatibility list is decreasing
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Every week I go to the web and check the RPCS3 compatibility progress https://rpcs3.net/compatibility?, and, this week, the number of the total games drops from more than 3000 to 2500, you can check it with the november report

What's happening?
All the duplicate games are being merged together in compatibility list.
Ok, thanks for your answer.

Are they split by format, or they merged it to?
PSN games are merged with other PSN games that are from the same game and of the same edition (demo, trial, collections etc will be separate)
The same goes for disc games, but they will not be merged with PSN.

What this means is a tester can test one id instead of having to test multiple IDs for the same edition of the same game. Saving testers a lot of time which in return means they can actually test games that need to be tested.
There was also some game id's that didn't get retested for over two years because no one had that game ID or got around to retesting it. Why bother when the other IDs are in the correct status? well.. this alleviates all those issues and makes our lives easier.