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Full Version: Suggestion: Google Cloud Translation API for dialog boxes.
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Whilst it might not translate entire games, I think it should be possible to use Google's translation API to translate the text in the dialog boxes, be that error dialogs, normal dialogs, or trophy dialogs. For Japanese only games this would be quite helpful. I've tried Google translation in games which already have mulitple languages, and the Japanese > English translation is generally quite understandable (example: trophy: clear level 1). As these are generally basic commands, the translation is fairly straight-forward.

Of course, it's not a priority, but it's an advantage over a standard PS3, and maybe some way that somebody who doesn't know how to help in ways of emulation could contribute in another way.
While that might be a neat feature, there's one major issue: the Google Translation API isn't free.

This idea isn't necessarily bad, though; it just can't work practically for automatic translation. What you could do instead is add a mechanism for reading translated messages from a file, and automatically replace dialog/trophy/etc messages from the game.

It'd take some work to implement, but neat nonetheless.
> the text in the dialog boxes, be that error dialogs, normal dialogs, or trophy dialogs

This is already handled by the PS3 firmware depending on the System Language you set.
@ zekesonxx , I didn't realise that it wasn't free, those are very good points that you make.

@ Ani, the point was for non-translated titles (ie many Japanese games), for translated titles this would obviously be pointless.

Anyway, as zekesonxx has pointed out, it could be done, just not on the fly, then we may just as well use human translators (when available).

Still, many dialog boxes have standard translations in translated games. Maybe we could set up a database of translations which could be used in non-translated games which use dialogs that already have official translations in other games.