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Full Version: Is a memory patcher / cheat browser on the roadmap?
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I realise improving compatibility and performance are paramount, but a lot of us enjoy emulators because they let us control the experience in a way we couldn't on the original console. That means not just stuff like better graphics / higher resolutions (well done!) but also easy cheat / modification utilities.

It's great you've got Uncharted working, but there's no way I'd bother booting it unless I had infinite health, for example.

Just throwing that out there....
EBOOT cheats used on the ps3 work for rpcs3.

Download ps3tools by aldo's tools and look for PS3 Cheats Editor tutorials.
(12-02-2017, 10:22 PM)Melko Wrote: [ -> ]EBOOT cheats used on the ps3 work for rpcs3.

Download ps3tools by aldo's tools and  look for PS3 Cheats Editor tutorials.

I've tried Artemis, which has a good database of cheats.. RPCS3 installs it and runs it fine, but I think the program has hooks or acts like TSR, and RPCS freaks out when you try to run a game from within Artermis' 'Start Game' button.. memory access violation or something..

PS3 cheats editor looks interesting, but it's cheat database is woefully out of date, and not sure where to get an updated database from, as the developer website is abandoned, no links work or anything.

Think the best way is for someone to write a native cheat util within RPCS3 - way beyond my programming skill, otherwise I'd do it. I could be wrong, but I think I remember reading somewhere that the one they use in MAME is extremely powerful and was very easy to write (Maybe ask the Mame team if it can be ported to RPCS3 - I'm sure they'd have no problem with it).
I've found that the PC program Cheat Engine works with RPCS3.

I've been using it for Resident Evil Revelations 2, specifically trying to get infinite ammo. Problem is that I cannot work out how to get a blanket infinite ammo cheat going. I have to manually search for infinite ammo for each weapon on each character.. Then when you load a new area or move to the next chapter, you have to search again, as it seems the memory locations change each time. Annoying, but it does work.