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Full Version: Demon's Souls [NPUB30910]
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Digital versions of Demon's Souls are currently NOT COMPATIBLE.

Settings don't matter, game tries mounting itself as a disc game.
Such behavior has not been found in any other games so far.

This still stands true.

Still true v0.0.6-7930-2119566d

RPCS3 v0.0.6-7930-2119566d Alpha | HEAD

AMD Athlon™ X4 760K Quad Core Processor | 4 Threads | 11.96 GiB RAM | AVXx
·W 0:01:16.836291 {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01e92090]} sys_fs: sys_fs_open(path=“/dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/sound/demonsmixer.momd”, flags=0, fd=*0xd01000b0, mode=0, arg=*0x0, size=0x0)
·W 0:01:16.836387 {PPU[0x1000000] Thread (main_thread) [0x01e91380]} sys_fs: sys_fs_fstat(fd=6, sb=*0x20f40148)
·F 0:01:16.836448 {PPU[0x100000e] Thread (MOMainThread) [0x00dcd228]} MEM: Access violation reading location 0x0
·! 0:01:16.895828 {RSX Decompiler Thread} RSX: FP not found in buffer!
·S 0:01:16.948802 {cellAudio Thread} XAudio 2.9 initialized
·! 0:01:30.164111 Stopping emulator...
RPCS3 v0.0.6-8206-d6db61c5