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Full Version: Is my spec enough?
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Hi all after trying yesterday at my first attempt at running rpcs3 I finally got a game to boot (res evil 5 gold edition) I didn't go fully into the game just the start FMV which was jumping around 30FPS but the audio was terribly crunchy.

What I would like to know with my very limited knowledge is, is the system I have just built enough to handle ps3 emulation.

Win10 64bit
Intel I3 6th gen @ 3.8Ghz
Asus GeForce 710 (currently showing SSE2) have just updated nvidea game ready drivers to latest version
OpenGL Ver4.4
Vulkan 1.0.1
DirectX 9.11.0 (Although DX diag tool shows version 12)
Sound card onboard MOBO Asus M series.

Thank you for any help much appreciated.
Will it run, yes.
Will it be enough? Far from it. That GPU is as trash as it can get, and your CPU is low-end.
I recommend some GPU with Vulkan at least for starters so you can get some more performance on that.