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Full Version: FIFA 18 [BLES02250]
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RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-eb8af97 Alpha | HEAD
The game doesn't react on pressing START.
[Image: i4uTznx.png]
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6314-2053de088 Alpha


still to slow, with audio gliches
Audio and performance is shown to be fine in this test: https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-197894-p...#pid307581

He has a fast CPU though, but it should still be playable on recommended hardware. Though i have no idea what your specs or settings are since you didn't provide them.
sorry for not specifiyng specs

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight-Core Processor | 16 Threads | 7.94 GiB RAM | TSC: Bad | AVX+