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Full Version: Cheat engine
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I used to use Cheat Engine for PC, PS2 and whatever game but I've got some problems with RPCS3.

I decrypted eboot.bin file of my game, building the eboot.elf file and I played this one with the emulator. When I go in Cheat Engine, I select the process, search the value that I want to modify and after the verification of which one is the correct one (maybe buying something in the game if I want to add money) the list that I found doesn't change. Is like the new value is not in those address that the program found.

Am I missing something? Or Cheat Engine actually doesn't work (strange) with PS3 games?

Thank you
You should probably set the value type to binary, since this is a VM and the values wont be so easily scanned usually.

Also use the latest version of Cheat Engine, because older versions might not allow for scanning binary values.