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Hoping to mothball my PS3 into safe, cold storage along side the games I've already mothballed due to the 3.55 hacks.

I prefer emulation to actual hardware, minus portables. Why? Simple, emulation gets better over time and usually gets better than the original system as far as functions are concerned. Plus it's one less console to hook up and take care of. PS2 games are very crisp on the PCSX2 at 1080p, support save state, and I can play them while doing other things on my PC. It's completely possible to have every game made for a console in one easy to access archive. While PS3 emulation will require the full attention of my current computer system, in ten years it wont.

Emulation is cool. If only I understood how to write these sorts of applications. All I can write are simple things for file manipulation and database front ends.

- Kayot