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Full Version: FEZ [NPEB01893]
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[email protected] / 8GB ram / R9 390
rpcs3 v0.0.3-3-2570911 Alpha

Game running at a pretty steady 60fps (Auto) both on vulkan and opengl.
Opengl tends to be more glitchy than vulkan and crashed once during a rotation.

The game struggles loading a lot of assets and instead replaces them by already loaded ones. (menu textures mostly)

I consider it to be closer to ingame than playble despite the steady framerate since the graphical issues can be quite bothering.

A lot of puzzles require the player to look at the sky or at the walls to find how to solve them.

Screenshots :
RPCS3 https://i.el.gl/FEZ/RPCS3 
PC (comparison) https://i.el.gl/FEZ/PC

Log (64MB) :

I think that NPUB31448 (us version) was falsely reported since auto-save works without issue. The tester likely played on the trial version and not the full game (both have the same id).
The full game requires a .edat and a .rap to run unlocked (if one of the files is missing the game starts in trial mode) the rap can be generated by copy pasting the .edat and renaming it to .rap.

Side by side of intended behaviour (PC version, files are the same) / actual behaviour.

[Image: map_side.png]
[Image: mayor_side.png]