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Full Version: [split] Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box [BLES00455]
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Got in-game on NPUB30040, BLES00455, BLES00073, and BLUS30061 (non-updated and updated versions). No point posting separate videos for those as they all work the same.
It randomly hangs on the first intro video. It also hangs if you try and enter Paradise City, but unlike the first intro video it's not random, always does it.
Also, as mentioned before, socketpoll keeps coming up, and the log for the below video was 10gb because of it. Hopefully that'll get sorted soon.

Edit: Ran it again to create a smaller log and did what Maxetto did. Log is attached.
Using a save copied over from console, I was able to enter Paradise City without it crashing. It had the same issues as those in the video - the colors are off and all but one wheel is gone. And of course, the framerate is terrible, but that's to be expected.
[Image: 9rSWL8h.png]
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If you replace the vp6 video files with fake blank files it won't crash, you can do a newgame.