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What are you thinking about PCSX2? Now it's almost perfect .... I would like to hear some reviews ....
I think the project doesn't have enough devs. so stagnated...
There is still room for improvements for PCSX2. Not many people are working on it. Only more obscure bugs are left to be fixed.
PS3 are backward compatibility. with this fast project we will play throught rpcs3
(08-31-2017, 06:23 AM)Suar99 Wrote: [ -> ]PS3 are backward compatibility. with this fast project we will play throught rpcs3


I don't think so. Confused
Ani Wrote:
shoaibgazi Wrote:these are psn games which runs on my ps3 that's why i tried them. i know these are ps1 classics but they are working on ps3. so basically i am running a ps3 version.
i didn't mean to troll with you guys at all. i don't want like mednafen asked for you guys. i do not even have ps1.    

PS3 has internal PS1emu and PS2emu. Resold classics are PS1/PS2 games that run on top of them.
We don't emulate those / keep track of the compatibility of PS1/PS2 games running on those emulators.
Also we don't track PSP minis, since they mostly just run normally and aren't worth keeping track of.
I used it for years, i have a small box created for emulators that i just have by the TV. I can easily run upscaled versions of any PS2 game, together with 2 wireless controllers.

I am a huge RPG nerd, and seeing as so many of those good old games are on PS2 it was a must have for me.

Nothing really wrong with the emulator. It doesn't crash, i almost never seen any graphical glitches anymore. The framerate is stable, and it looks gorgeous with some extra graphical settings.
Every software has room for improvements. But yes my games are working very well on PCSX2.
I think pcsx2 is very good.
But the Emulators performance is weak because it is one of the very last Programs I use that,s still 32bit Sad .
There are still games that don't work on PCSX2. For example Superman Returns.
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