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Full Version: Mass Effect [NPUB31052]
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build 0.0.3-37bc2b3
loads up a black screen and nearly instantly stops no mater the options chosen.
build 0.0.3-3-4aa8913

goes ingame now its not the best looking but its frame rate is ok with lows that hit about 10fps and high in the 20s dose not need Write color buffers but I just didn't spend my time

Almost playable as of 0.0.5-7253-7b4f70390. I get full framerate and most graphics working properly under both OGL and Vulkan (nVidia). No crashes after about an hour of play.


The main issue I see is bad alpha blending / clamping / saturation / whatever you'd call it on these light corona textures that show up as either white or black balls, and the "cinematic" offscreen light flashes covering up the entire screen sometimes


Those graphical issues will likely make certain areas unplayable, we're going to leave this ingame until fixed.