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Full Version: Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock [BLUS30327]
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RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-a822d99 Alpha
The game needs microphone.
[Image: eu5yCHA.png]
[Image: E7SyIEN.png]
RPCS3 v0.0.6-7869-e9b6bead Alpha
Works really good, performance is 60fps almost all the time, maybe some slowdowns on bigger stages.
No input lag, using Rock Band Xbox 360 guitar (had to do some input binding, buttons were swapped in-game)
Needs "Write color buffers" (otherwise gets stuck on the first logo) and use "MMJoystick" on pad configuration, then change "Device class" to "Guitar"
If this is playable, add 2 more ingame screenshots.
(03-18-2019, 08:44 AM)Asinine Wrote: [ -> ]If this is playable, add 2 more ingame screenshots.

Done, the only thing is that the screenshots are not from the exact same version I first used to test, they're from v0.0.6-7881-3ef16bee Alpha.
But the game still works the exact same.