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Full Version: Yakuza Ishin! [BLJM61149]
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master build (vertex rewrite)

Automatic LLE / Liblv2 - both are working

low fps, setting SPU Preferred Thread to 1 makes main menu flicker

in OpenGL character models are black, Vulkan works almost fine

Some screens:


Game is trying to sync trophies, but you can close the dialog and continue to play the game https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/2...nknown.png
No longer renders game graphics - black screen + UI only.

edit: works again

(Keep ingame) Just an update on how the game is doing.

i5-7300HQ | GTX 1050

Due to the multiple different results, I uploaded 3 Vulkan Logs in the same .7z (Allowed by Digitaldude555)

Whats currently good:
 - Renders pretty well, so far only have seen a spot with lightning issues (shown in #media)

Whats currently bad:
 - Performance is low as hecc (the game is tied to FPS)
 - Crashes pretty often
 - OpenGL performs even worse, performance wise.
 - Upscaling doesn't do a good job
 - Due to poor performance, cutscenes have weird visual issues.

There are three major issues with this game:

1FPS LOCK - Affects the yakuza games: Dead Souls, 5, 0, Ishin and Kiwami
Vulkan only (1st log and 1st image)

The game will remain locked to 1 FPS unless we change the Driver Recovery Timeout in the settings to something as low as 30000.

The default is 1000000 which means 1000ms = 1fps
Changing to 33333 would be 33.3ms = 30fps

The game basically locks the fps depending on the Driver Recovery Timeout is set
Shown at the 1st image of this post.

CRASH (1 - Hardcrash) - Only Ishin
Vulkan only (1st log and 2nd image)

w/ Driver Recovery Timeout Lowered

This one will completely crash the whole emulator in a matter of seconds, most of the time I can barely reach ingame.

Edit: Enabling Disable ZCull Occlusion Queries fixes this crash but models will become pitch blacc

CRASH (2 - NormalCrash) - Every yakuza except Kenzan and 1&2
(Both logs have it)

Doesn't matter which CPU and GPU settings, the game will always crash randomly at a unknown time.