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Full Version: Issue with new Video Card
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I changed recently the my video card for a GTX 550 Ti, but now is not running the games which run on my old Vga, 9800 GT.
The error is when i boot some game and the emulator stop working and close... Angry
Is there a solution for this case?

*I cannot use the latest builds because of my processor Phenom II X4 not support SSSE3 instruction.

Tested several builds too of 2015 and none these working more.


Is because of OpenGL version of my new vga?
My old was 2.1 and now is 4.5.

Very strange...Sleepy
did u uninstalled gpu drivers and installed new for 550ti ?
What is this thread even? Are you serious?

9800 GT and Phenom II X4 are far from running RPCS3 lol