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Full Version: [Regression]Vulkan crash at 0.0.3-5487
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PC setting:
I7-6700k, GTX 970, win10
Game: Atelier Ayesha ~ The Alchemist of Dusk ~ [BLAS50502]

New version: Rpcs3-0.0.3-5487
Old Version: Rpcs3-0.0.3-5449
updated: Old Version: Rpcs3-0.0.3-5479
I checked that's no freeze at 5479, that's mean the regression happen at 5487

In New version, vulkan will freeze the game without error message in log whenever you pop menus in the game which that did not happen in the old version


Plz refer to this two video &

Off topic ps: some text missing is still there for OpenGL at the newest version, as at the end of video 1