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Full Version: Dante's inferno [NPUB30478]
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i have reached to king minos. i have .pkg file of this game
problems i had faced
1. light lines like sunlight rays.
2. very low FPS. average was 4-5 fps, sometimes reached to 30 fps
3. yellow tint is more. that's why game looks green. need to work on that too.
4. some places do not load properly but after some time emulator able to load them.
5. in DX12 game load till "new game start screen" after choosing new game and settings then game crash

i have tried other cpu settings but same results.

yes game is playable Smile but horrible fps and hiccups Sad and bad colors.

but this is a good sign. that emulator is getting progress. and you guys can do better.

yes i did play in horrible condition but i wanted to see how far rpcs3 has been reached.

forgive me for my bad english cause it's not my native language.

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