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Full Version: G3258 user low fps
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new comer on the forum and brand new user of RPCS3, a great piece of software!

I have loaded quite a few games from my PS3 collection, supposingly compatible, and could see some YT videos with these games running at 30fps and above.
is that my dual core G3258 holding on things? I have a RX480GPU clearly not a slush so I am thinking the CPU is my bottleneck here since its running close to 100% during emulation and there isn't much I can do about it.

thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.

Absolutely, RPCS3 barely uses any GPU power, your CPU is the problem being too weak


indeed what I thought but thanks for confirming.time to move to a multi core Ryzen CPU then, maybe next year when this already hard work has even more progressed.really amazing .thanks again