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Full Version: Change hotkeys and framerate
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I recently tried out RPCS3 and after a few tries I managed to get it working.
I've played Soul Calibur 4 and it was slow. I understand this is still in development, so I'll be keeping an eye out for more updates.
I have some questions though.

What I can do with RPCS3 and not on my PS3 console, is pausing the game. However, the hotkeys for pause and resume are different. What do I have to do so that pause and resume have the same hotkey?

The framerate in combat for Soul Calibur 4 is about 15. It fluctuates around that number.
Is there a way to set the current framerate to any number? Instead of 30, 60, auto etc?

I also noticed a "capture frame" option. But RPCS3 crashes when I click on it.
What does this option do? Is it like recording?